Frequently asked questions

Is CWK only for women?

We're the just be you.

Will you speak at or do a demo at our culinary event?

If the timing works, yes! Please email us with details.

Would you cater our event for free, for the exposure?

We wish we could, but no.

Would you like to collaborate?

We love collaborations! Email and let's chat.

How can I buy your book?

Awwww. Thanks for asking! There is no CWK book (yet), but if you'd like a copy of Rachael's book, Cast Iron Cooking, it's available on Amazon.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for great cooking class assistants, and front and back of the house people who are up for being on-call. For the most part, our (very) part time staff work about 12 events a year. The pay is crazy good though, so if you're just looking for an every-once-in-awhile kinda thing, give us a shout.